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Oh, heck! I failed the test. 噢,见鬼!
Oh, darn! /Oh, no! 
Where is your homework? 
Shucks! I forgot it at home. 哎呀!...
Shoot! I Missed the train. 真见鬼!....
Uh-oh. I forgot. 啊,糟了 
Not everything is logical. 
Everything isn't always logical.
Not everything follows the rules of logic.
How was the investment? 
It went down the drain. 钱全白白浪费了(丢下水道里了)
The train just left. 
I almost made it. /I was almost on time.
I was just a little late. 
Our house is a mess? 
So, do something! 
Do something about it!
Please do something about it.
Please take care of it for me.请为我处理一下吧 
I'm so busy. /I'm so busy today. 
How about tomorrow? 
I'm too busy.
I'm as busy as a bee. 
This task is too much for me. 
Please don't give up yet. 
I can't complete this task alone. 
This is too much for me to handle. 
I can't make ends meet on my small salary. 这么点儿薪水我怎么够活呀
I can't live on my low pay.
I can't get along on my scanty pay.
I find it impossible to make ends meet on my small salary. 
Your husband hit you again? 
Yes. This is the last straw. 是的。我再也忍不下去了
That's it. /I've had it up to here.
I can't take it any more. 
Your response is unacceptable.
I'm not satisfied with what you say.
Your answer is unsatisfactory. 
I'm not satisfied with his answer. 
I'm dissatisfied with his answer.
His answer didn't satisfy me. 
He's got a chip on his shoulder today. 他今天一副挑衅的样子
Play fair! /Play fairly!
Don't cheat! 不许搞鬼。
What a waste of time and money!
Don't say that. 
You're wasting your time and money! 
I'd like you to have this. 我想送你这个
You're too generous. 你太慷慨了
You're too kind. 
He told me all about it.
He told me everything. 
What's taking so long?
Why is it taking so long? 
I can't make it in ten minutes.
I need more time. 
It'll take me longer than ten minutes.
Ten minutes isn't enough time. 
He looks down on me. /He despises me.
He respects me. 
You're good for nothing. 你什么忙也帮不了
I hate that noise. 
It drives me crazy.  /It makes me crazy.
It drives me up the wall. 
I'd like this one, and that one, please. 
Is that all?  /Is that it?
Anything else? 
I'll give you 10% off. 
That's not enough. How about 20% off?
I'd like more. /I need more. 
He's unfair to me.
He treats me unfairly.
He doesn't treat me fairly. 
No more excuses! 
Don't make any excuses!
Don't give me excuses.
But I can't. 
No ifs, ands or buts! You will finish it today. 
But I can't help it. 
I've heard enough of your excuses. 
I don't want to hear any excuses.
That's not a good excuse.
That's no excuse. 
What's the big idea? 你到底在想什么呢? 
Don't give me any lip service! 别给我开空头支票
Don't give me any lip. 
You don't need to buy that. 
Hey, don't tell me what to do! It's my money. 喂!你少命令我,…
I'm mad! 气疯我了
I'm mad at you! 你气死我了!
I'm sorry, please forgive me. 
I'm angry. /I'm upset. /I'm ticked off. 
That's disgusting. Are you going to eat that? 看上去真恶心,你准备吃吗?
Yes, it's delicious. Try it.
That's gross. 那真恶心。 
You're getting on my nerves.你让我心烦
That's not a nice thing to say. 你这样说也太失礼了
You're bothering me.
You're really irritating me. 
You're starting to get on my nerves.
Ha, ha, you fell down.
Don't make fun of me! 别取笑我!
Don't tease me. 
Don't talk down to me.别说看不起人的话
Don't belittle me. 别看不起人。 
Don't be upset. 请别上火
Calm down.
I can't. I've run out of patience. 
I lost my temper. 我发脾气了。 
What nerve! 你放肆!
How impudent u are to say such a thing! 
How impolite! 怎么那么厚颜无耻!
That's a rude thing to say!
What he says offends me.他说的话多气人呀
I know what you mean.
What he says bothers me.
We've got to get even. *回击,报复 
We have to get him back. 
It's a great deal. 那可是件好事呀
I wasn't born yesterday. 我又不是不懂
I didn't just fall off the turnip truck!
I'm not stupid! 
I'm not naive! 
Don't think you can make a fool out of me! 轻视,看不起、当是傻瓜
Don't try to make me look foolish! 
You can't make me look stupid! 
You're making fun of me. *取笑、耍弄
You're teasing me. 你耍我呢
Are u trying to make a fool out of me?
I'll do it for ¥50,000. 
That's asking too much. 
You're being too greedy. 
You're pushing your luck. 你还真来劲! 
He has a quick temper.
He has a short temper.
He has a bad temper. 
Who do you think you're talking to?
You can't talk to me like that. 
Do you know who you're talking to? 
Do you have anything to say?
Do u have anything to complain about?
Do you have any objection to it? 你有什么不同意见? 
I won't let you have your own way.
You can't have everything ur own way.
I'm not giving in. 我绝不让步。 
If you don't help me, I'll turn you in. 你要不帮我,我就把你交给警方
That's blackmail! *勒索、恐吓” 
Don't insult me. 侮辱
Don't insult my intelligence. 
You're a filthy liar. 你是一个卑鄙的骗子
I lent him money.
You'll be sorry. 你会后悔的
You'll regret it.
You'll wish you hadn't done it.
Isn't he cool? 
Are you crazy?  /Are you nuts?
Are you out of your mind?
Are you insane? /Are you delirious?
Are you all there?
Are you confused? *更尖锐的说法。
Don't look at me like that!
Like what? 什么眼神?
Don't stare at me! 一直盯着看,凝视
I want to get even with him. 我要报复
I'll pay him back. 这个仇我一定得报。 
That sneaky, low life creep! 那个狡猾、卑鄙的家伙
Is not! ? Is too!  (根本)不是!?是的! *孩子们吵架时常用。 /Is not! ? Is so!
Have it your way! 随便吧!
We should turn right. 
I think we should go left. 
Okay, okay, have it your way! 
Do it your way!
Do whatever you want!
Do as you please.
It's your choice.
Suit yourself! 随你便 (好意没被领情时)
It's boring.
Do you want to watch that movie? 
No, I hear it's boring. 
Dull. / It's dull. 没劲
My life is dull. 
It's for the birds. 毫无价值!/不值一提
I hate this class.
I agree. It's for the birds. 
It's no good. /It sucks. 
I'm not interested.
So, when do u want to go out with me?
I'm not interested in you. 
How's your new job? 
It's nothing great. 没什么了不起的。
It's nothing much. 
I'm not satisfied. /I'm dissatisfied.
I'm not happy about it.
I'm not content. /I'm discontent.
How was the meeting?
It was just another meeting. 很平常    *just another 常有的,不稀奇的
It was just a meeting.
That meeting was nothing special. 
I can't get into my work. *专心做…
I can't concentrate on my work. 
I can't get excited about my job. 
I've lost interest in my work.
It's outdated. /It's out of date. 
I don't know her, I promise.
Give me a break! 算了吧,拜托!别玩花样了
Tell me the truth.
Get real. 认真点儿
Stop joking.
Get serious. 说正经的
Stop kidding! 别耍我
Stop pulling my leg! 别跟我逗!
Tom is very rude. 
Yeah, I can't stand it. *stand 容忍,忍耐
I can't take it anymore.
I can't bare it anymore.
I can't take the strain.
I can't stand it any longer.
I can't put up with it any longer! *忍受…
Mom! She won't leave me alone and she keeps playing with my toys and... 
That's enough. Stop complaining. 
I've had it. 够了,我受不了了
I've had enough.
I've heard enough! 
That's it.
Enough is enough. 
Finish your homework first, then wash my car. 
Have a heart, dad! 饶了我吧,爸爸! 
The more I hear about it, the more disgusted I get. 
The more I hear about it, the more disgusted I become.
The more I know, the sicker I feel. 
There she goes again. 她又来了*用于常说同样话的人又开始重复同一话题时。
Are you listening? I said...
Oh, no! There she goes again.对第3人说
She's starting it again.
She's saying it again. 
No, you can't go.
Oh, man! You never let me do anything. 哦,真烦!.... 
I don't want to hear it.
I don't want to hear about it. 
There's one more problem.
Now what? 这次又是什么?
What else? 
What's next?
What else is wrong? 
What is it this time?
Shut up! I don't want to hear it! 
You shut up! /Shut your mouth.
Keep your mouth shut.
Be quiet! 安静!
Don't be a back seat driver. 别指手划脚! 
Stop shouting! 别大声嚷嚷!
Stop yelling! 别吵!
Keep your voice down! 小点声! 
You always come home late. 
Stop complaining! 
Calm down, will you?  --Okay. I'll try. 
Did you fix my car? I told you to do it before dinner. 
Stop nagging me! I'll do it. 唠叨什么呀!... 
But you promised! 
Get off my back. 别再啰嗦了!
Stop pestering me! 
Quit bothering me!
Don't tell me what to do! 
Quit telling me what to do! 
I won't do it! 
Don't talk back to me! *顶嘴
That's the end of it. 就这样!
That's final. 
That's it. 
Let's meet at 5∶00. 我们5点见吧。
It's settled. 好,就这么定了。 
He doesn't have a girlfriend.
Shut up, big mouth! 
You've got a big mouth.
You talk too much. 
Hey, baby, what's your name?
Leave me alone! 离我远点儿! 
None of ur business.没你的事、用不着你管
It's none of your business.
Mind your own business.先管好你自己吧
It is not your concern.
It doesn't concern you.
Stay out of it. 你别瞎搀和。
I don't need your input. 用不着你帮忙。
It's personal. 这是我的私事
I don't think you should do that. 
Thanks, but I don't need your two cents. *用不着你管、这和你没关系
I think you're wrong. 
Who asked you? 
Who cares what you think? 
I didn't ask you. 
If I wanted your opinion, I would have asked you.
I can't talk to you now.
I don't need your help.
Your kindness is unwanted.
Your kindness is unwelcome.
I don't want your kindness. 
Get out of here! 给我出去!
They're just kittens.小猫
Go away! 一边去!
Get lost! 你给我消失!
Take a hike!
Get out of my face! 别让我看见你!、走开!
What did I do wrong?
Back off! 躲开!
Step back! 后退! 
Let's play this game. 
Don't bother me! I have to finish my homework. 
Are you trying to get rid of me? *轰走,去掉,摆脱”
No, I've just been busy. 
Are you trying to avoid me? 躲
Liar! 骗子!
Don't call me a liar! 
He drinks too much. 
That's a lie! 那是瞎说!
That's a filthy lie. 那纯属骗人
He's a filthy liar. 他是个丑恶的骗子 
Don't lie to me. /Don't tell me lies. 
Ha, ha, ha... She's so stupid! 
Stop joking! 别开玩笑!
Quit your kidding. 
Cut it out. 别弄! *放弃,停止
Knock it off 住手!/住嘴!
I've had enough of your nonsense. 废话
Stop putting us on. *骗人,捉弄人--I'm not! 
Stop joking with us. 
Stop fooling us. 
Stop pulling our legs. 
Don't act stupid! 别干那种傻事!
It's just a joke. 只是个玩笑。
Don't act silly. /Don't act dumb. 
Don't be silly! /Don't be ridiculous!
Don't talk silly. /Don't say stupid things.
Don't be foolish! 
That's stupid. --But it's true. 
Bullshit! /Bull! *真蠢!
I won a thousand dollars!
Don't pull my leg! 别逗了!
Don't talk nonsense!
Don't talk stupid!
Liar! --I'm not a liar! Take it back!收回话 
I don't want to hear any more of your lies.
I don't want to hear your bull.
I don't want to hear you lying to me any more. 
Did you make up a story? 你在编故事吗?
I'm telling the truth. 
Are you telling lies? 
Is that the truth? 
Phony! *搞什么鬼!
I don't know. 
Don't play dumb! 别装傻!
Don't act stupid!
Don't pretend you don't know!
You tricked me. 你在骗我吧
Gimme a break. 哪有的事儿。
What are you talking about? 
You scammed me. 你骗了我。 
You pulled one over on me. *pull one over 骗,让…上当 
None of your tricks will work on me.
 *trick欺骗,搞鬼。work on起作用、有效
You can't trick me. 
I'm not easily fooled. 
You coward! 胆小鬼!
 You chicken!  *chicken-胆小鬼,turkey火鸡-傻瓜
Scared cat! /You sissy! /You wimp! 
Nobody's perfect! 人无完人!
Fuck you! /Screw you! /Go to hell! 
You asshole! 饭桶! /You jerk! /You shit! /You idiot! /Stupid! /You fool! 
Christ! *混帐!/天哪!  /Oh, my god!
You beast! *你这畜牲!
You animal! /You pig!
You tomboy! 野丫头!
You sly dog! *滑头的家伙!
You're sneaky! /You're shrewd!
You're clever!
Fag! /Faggot! 同性恋!
Hey, ugly! 丑八怪!
Fatso! 肥猪!  /Fatty!  /Whale!
Cow! 你这母牛!/你这娘们!
Pig! 猪猡! 
Shorty! 矬子!
Shrimp! 矮矬子! 
What an ungrateful man! 忘恩负义 
You lowlife! 下流胚
You scum!
Stop trying to be cool!
Give it up!
Excuse me. I'm lost.
Calm down. Where are you going?
Oh my God! Oh, no! What am I going to do!? --Just calm down. /Cool down. 
Take it easy. Don't work so hard. 别紧张
I can't take it easy. This is due in the morning. 
Don't over do it. 别干得太多!
Don't overextend yourself. 
What? You mean I'm too short?
Don't get so uptight. 别当真。
Don't get so worked up. 
Don't be so stiff. 放松点儿
Kick back! /Loosen up. 随便点、放松点 
Kick back, make yourself at home. 
Just relax! /Take it easy!
I'm sorry, I'm going to be a little late. 
That's okay. Take your time.不用着急
Wait! I need to go to the bathroom. 
There's no need to rush. 别急。
You don't need to hurry.
No rush.  /No hurry.
Don't rush on my account. 不用为我着急
Let's make up. 我们和好吧! --Yeah, let's. 
Let's kiss and make up. 
We had a fight today.
Did you make up? 
Stop fighting! 
It's over. Get out! 
Can't we talk it over? 
Can't we work it out?
Let's talk it over.
Try to get along.
Be nice to each other. 
Let's forgive and forget!
Let bygones be bygones. 
Who did it? 
You've got me. 糟了,让你逮着了
I give up. /I'm beaten. /You win. 
I won. /I've beaten you. /You've lost.
You're a loser. /I'm a winner. 
I didn't mean to hurt you.
I meant no harm.
I missed you. 我很想念你
I get lonely easily.
Can't you patch things up? *用patch up表示“平息争吵、和好”。
Isn't there any way u can patch things up?
Can't you make up?