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Mad laughter follows the drought of tears. 透支了眼泪,我们便会没心没肺的笑。
Make me sad makes me happy you are you . 令我伤心令我快乐的都是你.
Making love out of nothing at all 【让爱一切成空】
Man Always Remember Love, Becourse Of Romance Only 男人总是因为浪漫而记住爱情
Man is but recreation things男人只是用来消遣的东西
Many things, it is to should be passes years precipitation will gradually becoming clearer.许多事情,都是要经过岁月的沉淀才会逐渐清晰起来。
May have to lose 年月把拥有变为失去
May no one care about me.。 也许没有一个人在乎我
May our friendship grow more mature as time passes[愿我们的友情岁月的流逝而更加成熟]
May our friendship last forever. 愿我们的友谊天长地久.
May the years of quiet you still. 愿岁月靜好你還在.
May your love soar on the wings of a dove in flight.愿你的爱乘着飞翔的白鸽,展翅高飞。
Maybe I am not the best,but I try my best . 也许我不是最好的,但是我尽了最大的努力。
Maybe we got lost in translation 也许,我们经受不了改变
Maybe you should not give me hope. 或许你当初就不该给我希望。
Mean, is the fate of the choice you rather than other situation.命运的意思是,是处境选择你而不是其他。
Meet each other, do not waste this lifetime【遇见彼此,不枉此生。】
Meeting you is the best thing that ever happened in my life. 遇上你,是我这辈子最美好的事。
Memories can be painful. To forget may be a blessing. 记忆是痛苦的根源,忘记也是一种福气。
Memories can not feed my 回忆养不活我
Memories of the clear smile.(回忆里清澈的笑容)
Memories so heavy.How do you move back.[回忆那么重,我怎么背的动.]
Memories so heavy。回忆那么重
Memory is the hourglass of time, slowly become memories of old. 回忆是时间的沙漏,回忆慢慢变的苍老
Memory will fade, but my heart will go on 记忆总会褪色,而我心依旧。
Mens pure love only live once 男人的纯爱只活一次
Miss a person, two people of the picture. 一个人的想念,两个人的画面。
Miss not obedient, oneself ran out 思念不听话,自己跑出来
Miss you, like sunflowers miss the sun. (很想念你,就像向日葵想念太阳。)
Missing someone and not being able to see them is the worst feeling ever. 想念一个人而又见不到是最难受的。
Mistake is temporary regret but missing is the forever one.过错是暂时的遗憾,而错过则是永远的遗憾。
More smaller than their glory years of the time with the silly. 再多各自牛逼的岁月也比不上一起傻逼的时光。
Morgen, die Zukunft, die sich zuerst?明天 、未来 ,哪一个会先到。
Move feeling,Into the heart (动了情,入了心)
Mr.sandman 请给我一个梦想。
Music is my escape. 音乐是我逃脱的出口。
Music is my life, the lyrics are my story. 音乐是我的生命,歌词就是我的故事。
Music is my painkiller.音乐就是我的止痛药
My Beautiful Laundrette 年少轻狂
My Darling Baby Darling Darling Missing You
My Home Is My Castle. 我的家就是我的城堡
My attitude is based on how you treat me. 我对你的态度取决于你怎么对待我。
My biggest enemy is suspicious.我最大的敌人叫猜忌
My close friend not to tell my secret to a joke. 我亲爱的闺蜜不要把我的秘密当成笑话。
My close friend, we will be together forever!亲爱的闺蜜,我们要永远在一起!
My dad My hero 我的爸爸我的英雄
My first thought is always you. 我第一个想到的,永远是你。
My grave is not short of you to burn incense.我的坟墓还不需要你来上香。
My heart already have; no matter how good I do not want to. 我心里已经有了你;再好的我都不想要。
My heart beats for you 我的心跳动为了你
My heart is blind but I do not care】 -我的心已经坏了,但我不在乎。
My heart is dead,hate myself stupid!我的心己死,恨我自己太笨
My heart is like a lion, loud, proud and fearless. 我的心就像一只狮子,响亮,骄傲而无畏。
My heart is perfect,because you are inside. 我的心很完整是因为,你在里面。
My heart will go on 我心永恒
My heary got lost in your word我的心迷失在你的世界.
My interest is in the future because I am going to spend the rest of my life there.我只关心未来,因为我的余生都会在那里度过。
My irrepressible fear to be afraid to go timid.我抑制不住的惶恐,害怕和胆怯。
My life isn’t perfect, but it does have perfect moments. 我的人生不完美,但人生中有完美时刻
My life to live for you 我的生命为你而活着
My love ,I am only love you。
My love for you will not give to others
My love is poison, you dare to? 我的爱是毒药,你敢要吗?
My love once a life,a time cost whole life.我的爱一生一次,一次一生。
My love was deep warm your heart 我的爱很深,温暖你的心
My love will shine我的爱人会发光
My man ‘ {hsl} … 伱__ 敢天長 , 我__ 就敢地久./
My moon and my light. 我的月亮我的光
My name is a fool, I love is an idiot.我的名字叫傻瓜,我爱的是白痴。
My pride and self—esteem does not allow me to fall.[我的骄傲和自尊不允许我倒下]
My sky is bright because of you [我的星空因你而明亮]
My special: nonsense verbiage.(我的特长:鬼话连篇)
My tears, my grief it can only prove
My thoughts are deep into you 我深深地想念著你
My wasted heart wil love you
My weakness is that I care too much. 我的弱点就是太在乎了。
My world is not open to anyone any more. 我的世界不再允许任何人的出现。
My world, I know a person is good. 我的世界,我一个人懂就好。
My young frivolous, is you give pain我的年少轻狂,是你给予的伤
Never expect the perfect man,it is not because that you cannot find, but just because there is no perfect man.不要期待完美的男人,不是因为你期待不到,而是根本没有完美的男人。
Never forget who was with you from the start.永远不要忘记陪你开始的那个人。
Never forget who you are. 永远别忘了自己是谁
Never frown, even when you are sad, because you never know who is falling in love with your smile.纵然伤心,也不要愁眉不展,因为你不知是谁会爱上你的笑容。
Never get so busy making a living that you forget to make a life. 不要因为忙于谋生,而忘了生活。
Never give up on anybody. Miracles happen every day.不要放弃任何人,奇迹每天都会发生。
Never give up on someone that you can’t go a day without thinking about. 永远别放弃一个你每天都在想念的人。
Never give up your dreams. Miracles happen everyday.
Never judge by appearances.切莫以貌取人。
Never let the reality get in the way of your dreams.别让现实挡住了梦想的去路。
Never say die。永不言弃。
Never stop believing in yourself. 永远不要停止相信自己!
Never trouble trouble till trouble troubles you.麻烦没来找你,就别去自找麻烦。
Never underestimate the weakest opponent. 永远不要低估最弱的对手。
Never underestimate your power to change yourself!( 永远不要低估你改变自我的能力!)
Nevermind,I will find someone like you.没关系,我会找到某个像你的他。
Night, beautiful just too lonely night
No amount of discourse is sadness for the prelude 再多的话语都是以悲伤为前奏
No boyfriend to tell me, I am chasing you!!【没男朋友的告诉我一声,我去追你!!】
No expectations, no disappointments. 没有期望,就不会失望。
No love paradise: 没有爱的天堂
No love without you how forget how to cry 没有爱怎么忘没有你怎么哭
No man cool call back yesterday 【时光流逝 不可复得】
No man than I know more about myself。没有人比我更了解自己。
No matter how beautiful the memory is, it just belongs to the past.回忆再美好,也只是曾经。
No matter how far we will be very good 无论多远,我们会很好的
No matter how hard your life is, just smile. 生活多难都好,保持微笑。
No matter how long the rain lasts, there will be a rainbow in the end. ——不管雨下多久,最终彩虹总会出现。
No matter how you feel. Get up, dress up, show up, and never give up不管感觉有多糟,起床,打扮,露面,永不放弃。
No matter what I do, all I think about is you. 无论我做什么,想的都是你。
No one actually grows up. We just grow old. 没有人能真正长大,我们只是在变老而已。
No one and you. 无人及你
No one can help you unless you help yourself.没人会帮助你除非你自己帮自己
No one can replace you in my heart从来没有人能取代你在我心里的位置
No one can stop my feet!没人可以阻挡我前进的路
No one even lives lost nor will I lose。 会不会有人, 就算把命丢掉也不会把我丢掉
No one even lives lost nor will i lose .致我们终将逝去的青春
No one expected the play to be this boring.没有人想到演出会如此乏味。
No one has ever escaped it sad, sad is the real demon.【没有人逃得过悲伤,悲伤才是真正的恶魔。】
No one indebted for others, while many people don’t know how to cherish others.没有谁对不起谁,只要谁不明白爱惜谁。
No one is in charge of your happiness except you。没人能决定你的幸福,除了你自己。
No one is the reason of your happiness except you yourself. 除了你自己,其他人都不是你幸福的原因。
No one knows when I am not happy我不开心的时候,根本没有人知道
No one loves you like me. No one. 没人能像我这般爱你,没有人能。
No one shall take me from you.谁也别想让我离开你。
No one should be sad for him and then I went to(没有谁 值得我去再为他伤心)
No one takes you as the world丶 没人把你当成全世界丶
No pains . No gains (一份耕耘,一份收获)
No road is long with good company. 有好的旅伴,再远的旅程都不会嫌长。
No rose without a thorn .没有不带刺的玫瑰
No sacrifice, no glory.没有牺牲,就没有荣耀
No te entristezcas, to quiero. 别伤心,我爱你
No ticket what keep your beloved horse 没有票子拿什么留住你心爱的马子
No town can never be home; yet the past can never be back. 没有留不下的城市,只有回不去的过往。
No two people not only depends on the two heart not.
No who love you more than me. 没有谁比我更爱你。
No words are necessary between two loving hearts.
Nobody could ever replace you 无人可以取代你
Nobody could ever replace you. 从来就没有人能代替的了你
Nobody could ever replace you.从来没有人可以取代你。
Non è buono perché hai solo a rimanere al vostro fianco, per darti la felicità.就是因为你不好,才要留在你身边,给你幸福。
North of the city to the north is not to miss .北城以北思念不归
Not a bit of effort, which come to life不努力一点哪来的一辈子
Not all people will be sincerely to you【不是所有人都会真心对你】
Not all the people in your life are meant to stay.不是每个在你生命中的人,都一定会留下来。
Not always in the commotion, die endlessly
Not because of my persistence, but because you are worth it.不是因为我执着,而是因为你值得。
Not crave forever,because too far不奢求永远 因为太远
Not everything is meant to be. But everything is worth a try.并非一切都是命中注定的,但一切都是值得一试。
Not pretend to be silent but have no strength to complain.
Not to pay, to know not overdo sth.得不到的付出,要懂得适可而止。
Nothing can be more beauitful than the smile free from tears!
Nothing can change my love for you。 (没什么能改变我对你的爱。)
Nothing can dim the light that shines from within. 从内心发出的光,没什么能使它黯淡。
Nothing can ever replace you .没有任何东西能取代你。
Nothing can make me feel like you do没有什么能替代你给我的感觉
Nothing can stop I love you。没有什么可以阻止我爱你。
Nothing for nothing. 不费力气,一无所得。
Nothing for nothing.不费力气,一无所得。
Nothing has gonna change my love for you.没有什么能改变我对你的爱。
Nothing in the life is to be feared,it is only to be understood.生活中没有什么可怕的东西,只有需要理解的东西。
Nothing in the world is impossible if you set your mind to do it. 有志者事竟成。
Nothing is I spell reason. 一无所有就是我拼的理由
Nothing is as sweet as you. 再没什么,能甜蜜如你。
Nothing is difficult to the man who will try.===世上无难事,只要肯登攀
Nothing seek ,nothing ftind. 没有追求,就没有收获。
Notre amour est une blessure doute. 我们的爱,无疑是种伤害。
Now, love you just the person --现在,爱的只是你这个人
Of all the lies I have heard ,I love U was my favourite.听过所有谎言中,我最喜欢那句“I love U”
Often hit has never been hit 。(经常被打击,从未被打到)
Oh My Jason Nana~
Old people dream on emotions.『旧人旧梦旧情绪』
Once all, lost became a joke。曾经的一切,失去了就成了一个玩笑
Once the love dead 谢谢你光临我的梦
One day I will be at the heart proud to tell you things.有天,我会指着心脏 骄傲的告诉你,这里换人了。
One day I will shine elegant (终有一天我将绽放优雅)
One day someone will walk into your life, then you realize love was always worth waiting for.有一天那个人走进了你的生命,你就会明白,真爱总是值得等待的。
One is easily fooled by that which one love. 人容易被所愛的人愚弄。
One person you loved is not love 万千宠爱也不及你一人疼爱
One shows up in your dream,it is becau se he/she is thinking of you. 你们梦到了一个人,是因为那个人在想你。
One thorn of experience is worth a whole wilderness of warning. 一次痛彻心扉的经历,抵得上千百次的告诫。
One who frequently looks back can nit go far.一个频频回头的人,是走不了远路的。
One who want to wear the crown. Bear the crown.欲戴王冠,必承其重.
One word then,one smile,is enough. 彼时,一个字,一个微笑,已经足够。
Only God knows I did not, how would you.
Only dead fish follow the flow.只有死鱼才随波逐流。
Only miss the sun when it starts to snow 只有在开始下雪时才会想念阳光。
Only miss the sun when it starts to snow 当你身处冰天雪地 你才懂得太阳的温暖
Only the sun can give me warm enough 只有太阳才能够给我足够的温暖
Only those who risk going too far can know how far they can go.去过远方才能知道那儿的风景。
Only you can control your happiness. 只有你自己能掌控自己的幸福。
Open natural smile, must put down garments.想开了自然微笑,看透了肯定放下。
Our ambiguous, so far[我们的暧昧、到此为止。]
Our biggest enemy in love is not the intruder but the time.我们最大的情敌,不是第三者,而是岁月。
Our love Not tolerate other people 我们的爱容不下其他人
Our love than day high, deep than the sea. 我们的爱比天高,比海深。
Our story begins. 我们故事的开始
Overthinking is what kills you. 想太多会让人死掉。
Pack out really is worse than promiscuous, 装出来的真心比滥情更可怕
Pain is a part of growth. ——疼痛是成长的一部分。
Pain makes people change. 痛了,人就变了。
Pain past is pleasure.过去的痛苦就是快乐
Pain setbacks pressure reminding us do not because of the lost sight and stagnation.疼痛挫折压力提醒着我们不要因为眼前的迷途而停滞不前
Pain teaches us what to avoid.疼痛教会我们该避开什么。
Pale moonlight, I declare lonely and shadow. 苍白的月光下,我和影子述说寂寞。
Pardon me because I can not love you again. 原谅我不能再爱你了 -
Parted as friend and not because he had hurt.分手以后不做朋友, 是因为曾经伤害过。
Passionate love is a quenchless thirst.(热烈的爱情是不可抑制的渴望.)
Patience is bitter, but its fruit is sweet. 忍耐是痛苦的,但它的果实是甜蜜的。
People always like to say forever 人总喜欢说永远
People care about you!Keep being youself!
People did not love has no one loves you. -人不爱己没人爱你。
People dramatically cross very thin line between life and death人的生死就在一线间
People who hide their feelings usually care the most. 隐藏情感的人往往在意的也最多
Perhaps you get worse today, but tomorrow will always be new。——或许今天你过得很糟糕,但是明天总会是崭新的!
Playing with my heart you can not afford to lose.跟我玩心你输不起。
Please calm down, and think about what you really want. 请安静下来,想想什么是你真正想要的。
Please do not be in love with someone else. 请你不要爱上别人。
Please do not make fun of me, I will take it seriously【请别跟我开玩笑,我会当真。】
Please forgive me, forgive the fish is like the ocean. 请原谅我,就像海洋原谅鱼。
Please give me a reason to forget you,who loves me so much.给我一个理由忘记,那么爱我的你。
Please hours fly fast.美好时光最易逝。
Please let me foil asleep.请让我就此长眠
Precious things are very few in this world. That is the reason there is just one you.在这世上珍贵的东西总是罕有,所以这世上只有一个你。
Prison birds do not know the sea[囚鸟不知海]
Promise less or do more. 要么,少承诺一点,要么,多付诸行动一点。
Promise more,not be,that is just a lie.承诺再多,做不到,也不过是谎言。
Promises are often like the butterfly, which disappear after beautiful hover. 承诺常常很像蝴蝶,美丽的飞,盘旋然后不见。
Pure will loss ,Youth fades清纯即将流失 ,青春逐渐消失
Put aside all Facing the misunderstanding to keep cool.抛开所有面对误解保持冷静。
Put my name at the top of your list 让我成为你最在乎的人
Put you in my heart.把你放在我心底
Quiet your fears.停止你的害怕
Real girls aren’t perfect. Perfect girls aren’t real.真实的女孩不完美,完美的女孩不真实。
Reality is reality too 是现实太现实
Recalled before, cry a little bit sorry for some happiness
Relax. Breathe in deep. Hold it. Let it out.别紧张。深呼吸。坚持住。扛过去。
Reliable friendship is the best warm coat - 靠得住的友谊是今生最温暖的外套
Reluctant to forget, all for love.舍不得忘,一切都是为爱.
Respect from others come from self-respect.别人的尊重来自于自重。
Rest in the Hope. 还有希望。
Retaining a childish heart is a matter of pride.——童心未泯,是一件值得骄傲的事情。
Rose too Senyimenta.玫瑰太过青涩
Save your heart for someone who cares. / 把心留给在乎你的人吧
Say bye bye to my love !(对我的爱说再见)
Say goodbye to the depravation of yesterday.告别昨日的颓废
Say wait for you, I would not leave.(说好了等你,我就不会离开。)
Scatter it,if you can not hold the sand. 握不住的沙,干脆扬了它。
Sea birds and fish love, just an accident . 海鸟和鱼的相爱,只是一场意外
See the sun as seen from you.看见你就像看见太阳
Shall we make a fresh start 我们可不可以从新开始
She was like the moon - part of her was always hidden away. 她就像月亮,总有一部分,我看不到。
She who has never loved, has never lived.人活着总要爱一回。
Should I stay or should I go? 我是该留还是该走?
Silence is easy,it just be comes me.沉默很简单,它只是变成了我。
Silence is the best response to a fool.面对一个傻X,最好的方式就是沉默。
Since know, why so sensational. -既然心知肚明,又何必句句煽情。
Since the break up, do not together.既然分手了,就不要在一起
Since you unintentionally I should let it go 你既然无心 我也该放手
Single cycle, actually listen to their feelings.单曲循环,其实是听着自己的心情。
Sleep away the sadness of today. 去睡觉,把今天的各种悲伤难过都睡走!
Sleep when tired and smile when awake 累了就睡觉,醒来就微笑。
Sleeping is nice. You forget about everything for a little while.还是睡觉好,能暂时忘掉一切烦恼。
Slowly that really care for another often hurt myself.
Slowly that really care for another often hurt myself.慢慢的才知道,太在乎别人了往往会伤害自己。
Small 3 is malicious pleasure 小三是不是狠快乐。
Smile like you have never been hurt. 微笑吧,像从没受过伤一样。
Smile to cover up the sad and silent all the way. 微笑掩盖悲伤,沉默诠释一切。
Smile when it hurts most. 最痛苦的时候,请微笑。
Smile while you still have teeth 微笑吧趁现在还有牙齿
Smile, no one falls in love with a frown. 笑一个吧,没人会爱上你的愁眉苦脸。
Smile. It irritates those who try to destroy you. 微笑。那会激怒想摧毁你的人。
Smile. It irritates those who wish to destroy you——保持微笑,这会令那些痛恨你的人感到恼怒。
Smile.It’s easier than explaining why you’re sad.请微笑。这比解释为何悲伤要容易。
Smiled and said goodbye, tears never fall.笑着说再见,眼泪决不掉。
Smiling, not because happiness too long, is too long time forgot to sorrow. 微笑,不是因为快乐太久,
So close, you so far. 那么近又那么远.
So gorgeous appearance, but only you false hide
So long as a person no longer wants, anything may lay down. 一个人只要不再想要,就什么都可以放下。
So many men.so many mind. 人心各不同
So what if we fall down? At least we are still young. 摔倒了又怎样,至少我们还年轻。
Softhearted is sick, but you are life. 心软是病,可你是命
Some dreams never sleep. 有一些梦,从不曾眠。
Some feelings never go away.有些感觉怎么也逃不开。
Some habits, however, was to change.有些习惯,无论如何都改不了
Some love can not insist we can only give up chic
Some love, can only stop at the lips and teeth, mask in the years to come. 有些爱,只能止于唇齿,掩于岁月。
Some people are worth melting for. 有些人值得我融化
Some people just only the movie character 有的人只不过只不过是电影里的角色
Some people may look strong , but just looks strong just . 有些人看是很坚强,但只是看似很坚强而已。
Some people still do not know the name, it has become a worry .(有的人还不知名字,就已经成了心事)
Some people were supposed to walk into your life, teach you a lesson, and then walk away.很多人闯进你的生活,只是为了给你上一课,然后转身离开。
Some things are more precious because they do not last. 有些时光因为短暂而珍贵。
Someday you will understand, were the first to love yourself.总有一天你会明白,人首先要爱自己。
Somehow I will show you that you are my night sky.
Someone loves everything you hate about yourself.
Someone said, my love, I just thought.有人说,我的爱情只是我的自以为。
Sometimes I miss you so much,I hardly can stand it. 有时候我真的很想你,想到我心痛。
Sometimes a winner is just a dreamer that never gives up. 有时候,成功者只是坚持梦想不放弃的人。
Sometimes goodbye is the only way 有时候再见时唯一的方法
Sometimes goodbye is the only way.有的时候说再见是唯一的一条路
Sometimes it is better to be alone. Nobody can hurt you. 有时候,孤单一个人反而更好,没人伤害得了你。
Sometimes it takes a good fall to really know where you stand. 有时候需要狠狠摔一跤,我们才知道自己的立场。
Sometimes it takes the worst pain to bring about the best change. 有时候,最糟糕的伤痛可以带来最好的改变。
Sometimes letting go, provides you with an opportunity to gain something better. 有时候,放手会带来一个机会去获得更好的。
Sometimes loneliness kills you like hell. 有时候,孤独会像地狱一般将你侵蚀。
Sometimes silence expresses more than words do.有时候,沉默比话语表达得更多。
Sometimes the best thing to say is nothing.有时候,什么也不说是最好的。
Sometimes the best way to get someone is attention,is to stop giving them yours.有时候,让别人在乎你的最好办法,就是不那么在乎他
Sometimes the questions are complicated and the answers are simple. 有时候问题很复杂,而答案却很简单。
Sometimes the right path is not the easiest one.对的那条路,往往不是最好走的。
Sometimes the so-called love, only funny acacia. 有时所谓的日久生情,结果只是可笑单相思。
Sometimes there is no way out exlep有时候,除了说再见,别无选择。
Sometimes we feel tired because we are lost in our life. 有时候我们觉得累,是因为在人生的道路上,忘记了去哪。
Sometimes words cannot express the burden of our heart——有时候,心中所承受之重是无法用言语来表达的。
Sometimes you have to be your own hero.——有时候,你必须做自己的英雄。
Sometimes you have to just let go and see what happens. 有时候,你只好选择放手来看看会发生什么。
Sometimes you love her Somtimes you dont
Sometimes you need to look back, otherwise you will never know what you have lost in the way of forever searching——偶尔要回头看看,否则永远都在追寻,而不知道自己失去了什么。
Sometimes you realise too late that what you are looking for is exactly what you just let go——有的时候,你醒悟得太晚,不明白自己苦苦追寻的,其实就是上一秒放弃的。
Sometimes you win, sometimes you learn. 有时候你会赢,有时候你则会得到教训。
Sometimes, instead of multicore, as less jin.有时候 , 与其多心,不如少根筋。
Sometimes, miss is not time, is feeling.(有时候,我们错过的不是时间,是感觉)
Sometimes,I just need someone to talk to.有时候,我只是需要一个可以说话的人。
Sorry, I do not love you.[对不起,我长不出你爱的模样]
Sorry, I do not love you.对不起,我装不出你爱的模样
Sorry, you are not in my mind.对不起,你不在我心里。
Sorry,All the period . 【那一句对不起,全成了句点】
Speak your mind, even if your voice shakes. 勇敢说出你的想法,哪怕声音会颤抖。
Stars can not shine without darkness——如果没有黑暗,星星就无法闪耀。
Stay is over but the heart is betrayed
Stay true to you and you will end up incredibly happy. 做真实的自己,最终你会无比快乐。
Stop saying “I wish”, start saying “I will”.别再说“我希望”,开始说“我将要。
Stop trying to find a rewind. It is life, not a movie. 别妄想着倒带,这是生活,不是电影。
Strange place has a familiar street 陌生的地方有一个熟悉的街道
Strong desire is the starting point of all achievement——强烈的欲望是取得任何成就的第一步。
Strong woman is will cry, but never admit defeat.~~~坚强的女人是会哭,但绝不会认输。
Success grows out of struggles to overcome difficulties.
Sure certain and affirmation, I already fell in love with you.确定一定以及肯定,我已经爱上你。
Taech me love,boy!教我爱,男孩!
Take away love, and our earth is a tomb.没有了爱,地球便成了坟墓
Take control of your own desting.命运掌握在自己手上。
Take me into your future you.带我到你的未来
Take me to your heart. 带我去你心里
Take me to your heart(让我靠近你的心)。
Take your false love roll!(那着你那虚伪我爱情滚!)
Talk about a love lost a friend 谈一场恋爱 失去一个朋友
Taylor swift ,大爱。
Tears are no color of blood.眼泪是没有颜色的血.
Tears are the words which the heart can not say. 眼泪是心无法诉说的话语。
Tears clean the face of the weak but refresh the strong. 弱者以泪洗面,强者因泪振作。
Tell a joke to commemorate my.讲个笑话纪念我
Tell me to your heart。告诉我你的心
Tell yourself everyday : I am really great. 每天都告诉自己:我真的很不错!
Telling someone the truth is an act of love. 说真话,也是爱的一种表达。
Ten thousand people roar a loud sigh as you are万人狂吼不及你一声轻叹
Ten years summer. 十年盛夏.I keep you worry-free.换我守你无忧.
Texte de la blonde, mais je dis
Thank fate that I met with you. [感谢缘分让我和你相识过.]
Thank you for friendship!谢谢你的友谊!
Thank you for standing behind me感谢你一直支持著我
Thank you so busy also personally to hurt me. 谢谢你这么忙,还亲自来伤害我
Thank you so far have not one to miss me.感谢至今都没有一个人对我难以割舍 。
Thank you to let me live in your heart.谢谢你让我住在你心里
Thanks for your love。
Thanks to you I am finally thinking about me.感谢你让我最后为自己着想。
That formerly how to pick, time flies straight forward.那段从前怎么去捡,光阴似箭一直向前。
That is no denying that i love you. 毋庸质疑的是我爱你
That is the one I love most 。 那是我最爱的人。
That way the dark will eventually own walk. 最漆黑的那段路,最终要自己走完。
The art of being wise is the art of knowing what to overlook——智慧就是懂得该忽略什么的艺术。
The attending doctor for my regards to you. 替我问候你主治大夫。
The best happiness is all care you give. 最好的幸福,是你给的在乎。
The best of me to you 给你最好的我.
The best time of my life 我生命中最美好的时光。
The best way to forget a person, is like other people. 忘记某个人最好的方法,就是喜欢上其他人。
The best way to make profound memory, trying to forget.
The best way to predict future is to create it. 预测未来的最好方式就是去创造它。
The broken shoes whether it for the injury or to yourself 穿了蹩脚的鞋 不管它再美 伤的还是自己
The darkness is no darkness with thee. 有了你,黑暗不再是黑暗
The deep feeling and my lover can with very long time.深情与我的爱人能否伴得长久.
The details will tell you who is sincere to you.细节会告诉你谁是真心对你好.
The dictionary is the only place where success comes before work.
The end of the prelude is no longer two saying 结束的前奏是两个人不再有话说
The eye Reamon fault will be can only see the very close future.眼睛里蒙着的断层是只能看到咫尺的未来。
The first glance Heartbeat第一眼就心动。
The first wealth is health
The girl who loves laughing, do not let her cry.爱笑的女孩,别让她哭。
The greatest cruelty is our casual blindness to the despair of others. 我们对他人绝望的无视,是最大的残忍。
The healthiest response to life is joy.对生命最佳的回应,是生活得很快乐。
The heart is mine.But it is full of you.心是我的,可里面装的全是你。
The hustle and bustle of the city 城市的喧嚣
The important line in life is not the position which stands, but the direction which faces——人生重要的不是所站的位置,而是所朝的方向。
The journey with was worth the fall.
The leaves fall in autumn, take not to go is summer injury.落叶飘零的秋天,带不走的是夏伤。
The less you give a damn, the happier you will be. 你越不在乎,你就越快乐。
The life I have a splash of biack 生活溅了我一身黑狗血
The light at the end is worth the pain. 当你最后看到那绚丽的光芒,就会明白,所有的痛,都是值得的。
The lining of your heart(衬你绝心)
The loading force by lightning start splitting to force (装逼被雷劈从头劈到逼)
The lonely youth, I only for you.整个青春孤寂,我只为了一个你。
The long time is a darkness moist sultry cavern likely.漫长的时光像是一条黑暗潮湿的闷热洞穴。
The longer the explanation, the bigger the lie. 解释的越长,谎言就越大。
The mask is worn long became my skin *面具戴久了便成了我的皮肤*
The memory of the past. 过去的回忆。
The minute you think of giving up, think of the reason why you held on so long. 在你想要放弃的那一刻,想想为什么当初坚持走到了这里。
The missing distance, always show the elusive. 思念旳距离,总是显旳那么遥不可及。
The more people who care more guessing.越是在乎的人越是猜不透。
The more you care, the more you have to lose——在意的越多,失去的就越多。
The more you care, the more you have to lose拥有就是失去的开始
The most beautiful word in English language word is YOU.最美的英文单词,就是你!
The most known person,the warmest partner 最懂的人,最暖的伴。
The most painful but one person was a man 最痛不过一人始一人终
The most painful goodbyes are the ones that are never said and never explained. 无声无息的离开最伤人
The naked truth is always better than the best-dressed lie. 赤裸裸的事实总好过精心装扮的谎言。
The net closely but buckle not forever. 十指紧扣却扣不住天长地久
The night deep dark blue eyes深夜深巷那双深蓝色的眼睛
The night you, wish you by my side.想你的夜,多希望你能在我身边。
The older I get, the less people I trust. 越长大,我发现能信任的人越少。
The one who’s good in taking care of other people is the same person who needs someone to take care of them——喜欢照顾别人的人,其实也同样需要别人的关心。
The ones that love us never really leave us, and you can always find them in..here.那些愛我們的人其實從未離去,妳可以在妳的心裏找到他們。
The ones you love the most are always the ones who hurts you the most.你最爱的人,往往把你伤得最深。
The only limit is your imagination.唯一的局限是你的想象力。
The only people you need in your life are the ones that need you in theirs.需要你的人,才是你需要的。
The only present love demands is love.爱所祈求的唯一礼物就是爱.
The only to commandeer a man can be violent memories, is the live better.唯一可以强横地霸占一个男人的回忆的,就是活得更好
The other side of the flowers, love will fade away.
The past cannot be changed. The future is yet in your power.过去的没办法改变,但未来还在你的掌握之中。
The past is all gone.Being happy is the top priority. 过去了就过去了,重要的是自己要快乐。
The people heart is too crowded.人心太拥挤
The person I love is not the one in love with me 我爱的不是我的爱人。
The person you want to be me, you are my only one 舍不得你的人是我,牵挂你的人是我
The place where you once were is now just a big,gaping hole。 你曾在我心上,现在空了一个大洞。
The pleasures of the mighty are the tears of the poor.强者的快乐是弱者的眼泪。
The poison not invade, had had a hopeless 每个百毒不侵的人,都曾经无药可救过
The poor man must have hateful place (可怜人必有可恨之处 )
The rain falls because the sky can not bear the weight of it.雨水落下来是因为天空无法承受它的重量
The reason why decent women, was due to the temptation of not good enough.女人之所以正派,是因为受到的诱惑不够
The relationship has changed, even the tone has changed.关系变了,就连说话的口气也变了。
The road to success, always in the construction.通往成功的路,总是在施工中。
The same love that makes me laugh also makes me cry.同一份爱既让我笑又让我哭。
The sea had never doubted the sky blue. 海不曾怀疑天的蓝
The sea is not blue, I would not be. 海不会不蓝,我不会不在。
The second i still read with you in different ways to love you.
The secret of success is constancy to purpose.
The shortest spells,is a man's name.
The sky is blue, white clouds very white, under the sun we were happy.天空很蓝,白云很白,在阳光下的我们很快乐。
The smile died in the memory 笑容死在回忆里
The soul cannot live without love.灵魂不能没有爱而存在。
The soul has long been hated buried[灵魂早已被恨掩埋
The soul is not where it lives,but it loves.心不在它生活的地方,而在它所爱的地方。
The status quo. 安于现状。
The story without tortuous how can teach people to grow.
The stronger your heart is, the brighter your smile will be. 内心越强大,笑的越漂亮。
The stupid seek happiness far away,and the clever plough it under feet——愚笨的人到远处去寻找幸福,聪明的人就在自己脚底下耕耘幸福。
The sun also rises.太阳照常升起。
The sun dried the tears I miss you.阳光擦干了我思念你的泪水。
The sun is great, because it will consume their own.
The supreme happiness of life is the conviction that we are loved——生活中最令人幸福的就是,坚信有人爱着我们。
The thorough revenge is to forgive and forget. 最彻底的报复,是原谅和遗忘。
The time that you are my fatal 时光深知你是我致命的爱人
The time that you are my most fatal.时光深知你是我最致命的爱人
The top of the head interlocks, but the antenna, is dividing the unclear not dark sky.头顶交错而过的天线,分割着不明不暗的天空。
The tough road often leads to the top.艰难的道路经常通往高处
The truly rich are those who enjoy what they have.真正富有的人,是那些懂得享受自己所拥有的人。
The very essence of romance is uncertainty.浪漫的精髓就在于它充满种种可能。
The warm air to make chocolate melts. 温暖的空气使巧克力融化。
The warm smile,if the quality. 微笑向暖,安之若素。
The wind blowing the hair is white [ 风霜吹满头也算是白首]
The wind blows away the thoughts, rolled up unruly time.被风吹散的思念,卷起不羁的时间。
The wind blows like flowers of the time.风吹着如花般破碎的流年.
The world I want you, the other I pretend not to see it. [全世界我只想要你,别人再好我都假装看不到]
The world is big, big but a heart; go far, far away but a dream. 世界再大,大不过一颗心;走得再远,远不过一场梦
The world is not so much a fairy tale 世界上没那么多的童话
The world is too dark, I am really tired.---这世界太黑暗,我真的累了。
The world makes way for the man who knows where he is going.———— 如果你明确自己的方向,世界也会为你让路。
The world of people, only you in my eyes【世上人潮万千,只有你入我眼】
The worst solitude is to be destitute of sincere friendship. [最大的孤独莫过于没有真诚的友谊]
The youth, the scenery along the way again also is just a paper elegance.青春,沿途再美的风景也只不过是一纸风华。
Then that be together, in the flow of unease, time is well.就那样相守,在来往的流年里,岁月安好。
Then the selfish hurt, but only in order not to leave.(那么自私的伤害,只是为了不离开)
There are 4 steps to happiness: you ,me ,our hearts,together!通往幸福只需要四步:你、我、我们的心、在一起。
There are 7 billion people in this world, yet my heart chose you.世界上有七十亿人口,但我的心选择了你。
There are many beautiful future。 {未来有多漂亮}
There are no shortcuts to any place worth going.
There are secret opportunities hidden inside every failure. 在每一次失败里都藏着秘密机遇。
There are something wrong with my head,so i love you.我的脑子有问题,所以我爱你。
There is always someone who loves you more than know【这世界上一定有人爱你胜过你所能察觉到的】
There is grave There is grave 心里有座坟 葬着未亡人
There is no certainty, only opportunity. 没有一定会怎样,只有可能会怎样。
There is no love queen of the world.女王的世界里没有爱情。
There is no paradise on earth equal to the union of love and innocence .人间最大的幸福莫如既有爱情又清白无暇。
There is no reason to love a person 没有理由的爱一个人
There is no rehearsal in the life , once missing , it will be lost forever. 世界上没有破镜重圆之说,
There is no remedy for love but to love more
There is no remedy for love but to love more.
There is no remedy for love but to love more. 治疗爱的创伤唯有加倍地去爱。
There was once a moment,we misunderstood it was a lifetime. 有那么一瞬间,我们误以为是一辈子。
There will be an angel to love you for me 会有天使替我爱你
There’s nothing more beautiful than a smile that struggles through tears.世上最美的,莫过于从泪水中挣脱出来的那个微笑。
These things can never die 这些美好不会消失
They have a loving person, password and my password only my own.他们密码里都有爱的人,我的密码只有我。
They who cannot do as they would,must do as they can. 不能如愿而行,也须尽力而为。
Thickly flood of sadness as the sea, like engulf chilled.密密麻麻泛滥的悲伤像大海一样吞噬冰凉。
Things do not change,we change. 世界没变,是我们变了
Think great thoughts and you will be great!
Think of you every day, your company, happiness is so natural.想你的每一天,都有你陪伴,幸福是那么的自然 。
This book bores me. 这本书让我感到乏味。
This is my dear firends.
This is not what I want, but to force me to.
This is who I am. Nobody said you had to like it. 这就是我。没人说非要你喜欢。
This kind of weather is very depressingx. 这样的天气真令人压抑。
This life, the afterlife, I just want, also only willing to be your wife.
This present life and you love to the end, never separated.
This summer you have me 这个夏天你有我
This summer, mosquitoes are most hurts me.这个夏天蚊子最疼我
Those allowed to be capricious Scalled youth . 那些允许被任性的年代叫做青春。
Those troubles, always linger.那些烦恼,永远挥之不去。
Those who are heartless, once cared too much. 那些绝情的人,都曾经在乎得太深。
Those who can not lose will never win either. 输不起的人,往往也赢不了。
Though he is poor, yet me is very happy. 虽然他很穷,但是我很幸福
Time always save the best for last.时间总把最好的人留到最后。
Time always save the best for last.时间总是把最好的人留到最后
Time always too long, long to palpitate. 岁月总是太长,长到心慌
Time can prove that I love you 时间能证明我有多爱你
Time cures all things 时间是医治一切创伤的良药
Time cures all wounds 时间治愈所有创伤
Time cut scar is called growth.时间划破的伤疤叫做成长。
Time goes by a lot slower when you miss the one you love. 当你想念心中所爱之人时时间总会过得比较慢。
Time has faded from the memory. 时光,淡忘了回忆。
Time heals almost everything. Give time time.时间几乎会愈合所有事情,请给时间一点时间。
Time is a great healer but a poor beautician.时间是最好的医生,也是最差的美容师。
Time is like a net。You reap where you sow。时间就像一张网,你撒在哪里,收获就在哪里!
Time is not cruelty. Just for it we are too fragile.时光并不残忍。只是对于它来说我们太脆弱。
Time is the fault of fatalistic testimony people.时光的宿命就是见证人们的过错。
Time is the only antidote. 时间是唯一的解药
Time is we do not come loose.时光不老我们不散好么
Time is willing to coagulate at this moment愿时光凝结在这一刻
Time is willing to let me make you well .(愿时光准我许你安好。)
Time orbit we just one solitude of the subway.时间的轨道里我们只是一班孤寂的地铁
Time profound rather than shallow 时光深刻而非浅薄
Time to bring us harm or the future时间带给我们的是伤害还是未来
Time tries all things.时间检验一切
Time urged me to go against your life.时间怂恿我背离你生存。
Time waits for no one.时间不等人
Time will not be reversed?时光会不会倒转?
To annotate the essence of life with friendship. 用 友 情 诠 释 生 命 中 的 真 谛。
To be trusted is a greater compliment than to be loved. 被人信任,是比被人喜爱还要更大的赞许。
To be unknown but loved by just one is better than being known by many but loved by none——默默无闻,但被一人深爱,要好过声名显赫却没人去爱。
To blossom blue is to blossom without you.
To commemorate the first memories moved.让回忆纪念最初的感动
To forgive is easy,but to trust again is not that easy. 原谅是容易的。再次信任,就没那么容易了。
To look back, and saw one no longer young, never make public does not rise.再回首,看见自己不再韶华,再也张扬不起来。
To lose the pursuit of the lost, going to marry the well-being of the married.要输就输给追求,要嫁就嫁给幸福。
To love is to risk not being loved in return 要爱,就要冒着不被爱的危险。
To love oneself is the beginning of a lifelong romance.爱自己,便是一部终身罗曼史的开始。
To make each day count.要让每一天都有所值。
To my long hair and wai the young to marry me.待我长发及腰,少年娶我可好。
To pretend do not love you 假装不爱你
To strive, to seek, to find, and not to yield. 去奋斗,去追求,去发现,但不要放弃。
To unmb the pain to laugh off my . 痛到麻木 才能笑得畅快淋漓。
To waste,then forced. 用力的浪费,再用力的后悔。
Tokyo Sakura covered with Paris street。东京樱花落满了巴黎街道
Too many swindlers, fool obviously not enough骗子太多,傻子明显不够用了
Too much commitment to slip away from the fingers dare ask what.太多承诺从指间溜走 不敢奢求什么。
Too much is lost in the language [ 太多的话都败在语言里]
Tough life needs no explanation.彪悍的人生不需要解释。
Tough times do not last, but tough people do.痛苦的时日不会长久,但坚强的人会一直坚强。
Toughdays do not last. Tough people do.(苦难总会终结,坚强之人永存。)
Train yourself to let go of everything you fear to lose. 试着放下所有你害怕失去的东西。
Treating you well is my business. 对你好,那是我的事,与你无关。
True love from the heart not the mouth. 真正的爱来自心脏不是口腔
True love never gets old -真正的爱情永远不会变老 -
True mastery of any skill takes a lifetime.
Trust always can not stand test, appear so vulnerable.信任,总是经不起考验,显得如此不堪一击。
Trust is like an eraser. It gets smaller and smaller after every mistake——信任如同一块橡皮擦,每犯一次错,就会变小一点。
Trust is the easiest thing in the world to lose,and the hardest thing in the world to get back.信任是這個世界上最容易失去的東西,也是最難挽回的東西
Turn your face to the sun and the shadows fall behind you.把你的脸迎向阳光,你就不会看到阴影。
Two Be Number One 二逼第一
Unavoidably blame time`s hands, written. Love love 难免埋怨时间的手,把相爱写成相爱过
Under the house, you come the shadow clearly visible夜光洒满了屋子,你的影子清晰可见。
Until I discovered your world does not lack. [直到后来我才发现你的世界根本不缺我]
Used to be mine. Now is the others 以前是我的。现在是别人的
Very need you, just like the dandelion need the breeze.很需要你,就像蒲公英需要微风。
Victory wonot come to me unless I go to it——胜利是不会向我们走来的,我必须自己走向胜利。
Você chorou muito triste, eu ri muito artificial 你哭得很难过,我却笑得很做作。
Vows of eternal love,Also can separate。海枯石烂,亦会分开。
Waiting for you,my love.我等着你,我的爱。
Waiting for your concern, until I shut the Heart
Wake up with determination. Go to bed with satisfaction. 带着决心起床,伴着满足入睡。
Walk by faith, not by sight. 往前走,凭着信心,而不是眼睛。
Walk on the busy street 走在繁华街
Want perfect, always not perfect.想要的完美,始终不完美。
Want to have must first know how to accept 想拥有必先懂失去怎样接受
Want to say goodbye may is not far. I believe that you can hear you.想说再见愿为时不远。我坚信你能听见。
Want to see you. Then hug you.好想去见你,然后抱住你。
Wayward finally, who will pay for me!
We all be happy, regardless of each other is happiness.我们都要幸福,不分彼此的幸福。
We are all explorers trying to find ourselves.我们都是想要找到自己的探险家。
We are all stories in the end. ———最终,我们都只是故事。
We are noe {EXO}
We are one。 ——EXO
We are one,exo相爱吧!!!!
We are the tender love in the world.我们都在被这个世界温柔的爱着
We are the witness of love, planted a love of flowers.
We are too young to talk about forever. 我们太年轻,谈不起永远。
We are women,Our choices are never easy.我们是女人,我们的选择从来就不易。
We become the most familiar strangers. 我们变成了最熟悉的陌生人.
We believe, our future.(我们相信、我们的未来。)
We cease loving ourselves if no one loves us.
We do not have any choice, only run in opposite directions.我们没有任何选择的余地,只有背道而驰。
We draw further apart, but the same. 我们背道而驰,最后却殊途同归。
We hadd better struggle for the future rather than regret for the past.后悔过去,不如奋斗将来。
We just can‘t let go, when the storm is ahead.总希望在风雨欲来的时候,抱紧一些不想放弃的想法。
We just met not to start (我们只是相遇未曾开始)
We know not what is good until we have lost it.好东西,丢失了才明白它的好.
We look forward toour future。我们期待我们的未来
We love others too early, self love too late 我们爱别人太早,爱自己太迟
We loved each other and were ignorant.我们曾经相爱却浑然不知
We must accept finite disappointment, but we must never lose infinite hope. 我们必须接受失望,因为它是有限的,但千万不可失去希望,因为它是无穷的。
We never really grow up,We only learn how to act in pubilc。我们从未真正成长,我们只是学会了假装。
We no longer can not go back. 我们再也回不去了。
We pass the time, or time passed us?---是我们路过了时间,还是时间路过了我们?
We pull hook, happiness always.我们拉勾勾,幸福一直有。
We read the world wrong and say that it deceives us 。我们看错了世界,却说世界欺骗了我们。
We share so much together我们分享生命中的每一天
We talk too much,love too little and lie too often.我们的话语太多,真爱太少,谎言太多。
We were just kids in love. 我们曾经只是陷入爱的孩子。
We will easily get happiness only if we have a confused life. 要活得糊涂,才容易幸福。
We will never in contact with each other.我们终究老死不相往来
Wealth is best known by want. 人穷方知钱可贵。
Well maby Two is better than one,I need you now.
Well, not that emotional, but I move the heart. 说好了不动情,我却动了心。
What can I say to make you understand? 愿你懂我
What does it matter where I am if you are not with me. 如果没有你,我在哪里,又有什么所谓。
What does not kill you makes you stronger.任何不会致你于死的都会让你变得更强。
What is love? Maybe when you are waiting, love is here. 等待,也许就是爱情本身。
What is past is past. 缘已逝,欲何求 。
What kind of sunlight can warm my heart . 什么样的阳光能温暖我的心
What makes life dreary is the want of motive.
What matters is not what happens to you in life. What really matters is how you react to it. 一生中遇到什么并不重要,最重要的是你如何应对。
What matters more is how well he treats you, not how good he is.重要的不是他有多好,而是他对你有多好。
What others think of you is none of your business. 别人怎么看你,与你无关。
What the fuck have you done lately?
What time did you let me into your heart 你什么时候才能让我进入你的心。
What you are doing now reflets how you will live in the future.现在怎么做代表着你以后怎么活。
Whatever with the past has gone, the best is always yet to come.无论过去发生什么,最好的尚未到来。
When I am not near the girl I love, I love the girl I near. 得不到我爱的人,我不一定会再等。
When I am silent to say all in the eyes【当我沉默时 想说的话全在眼里】
When I call your name, but you are not in.每次想喊你的名字,但你却不在。
When I was a child, was buried the most true most sweet smile.小时候,埋葬了最真最甜的微笑。
When every love comes to the end, if u look back, u will find flowers and sorrows, but it is always beautiful.不是把对方留在自己身边才叫爱,能放手让所爱的人离开,也是爱的一种。
When it comes to love the people, the world is most beautiful landscapes are rendered.当遇上喜欢的人、世界上最美丽的风景都呈现。
When it has is lost, brave to give up. 当拥有已经是失去,就勇敢的放弃。
When it has is lost, brave to give up.当拥有已经是失去,就勇敢的放弃。
When love is not madness, it is not love.如果爱不疯狂就不是爱了。
When someone else’s happiness is your happiness, that is love. 当一个人的幸福成为你的幸福时,那就是真爱。
When the memories hit you, it hurts. 当回忆袭来,真的很痛。
When the mood is fallen, only thought is to abandon all.当心情跌落谷底的时候,唯一的念头就是放弃所有
When we learn to treasure simple happiness, we will be winners in life.当我们懂得珍惜平凡的幸福时,我们会成为人生的赢家。
When we lose, just know oneself 当我们失去的时候,才知道自己曾经拥有
When you I care is a joke 你当我的牵挂是笑话
When you have nothing to lose,it is time to gain. 当你再也没有什么可以失去的时候,就是你开始得到的时候。
When you relinquish the desire to control your future, you can have more happiness.当你放弃了对自己未来的控制,你就能拥有更多的幸福。
When you think highly of me, you think I will look at you?等你看得起我的时候,你觉得我还会正眼看你吗
When you walk away 我想说我一直在。
When your heart is getting exhausted to a certain extent,you are too weak to anger.心累到一定的程度,连生气和计较的力气都没有了.
Where cold,where to stay.哪儿凉快哪呆去
Where there is great love, there are always miracles. 哪里有真爱存在,哪里就有奇迹。
Where there is life, there is hope.
Where there is love, there are always wishes.哪里有爱,哪里就有希望。
Where to go when l ok{去哪都拉紧我好不好}
Wherever you go, no matter what the weather, 无论去哪儿,什么天气,记得带上自己的阳光。
Whether you did not see, I miss you, love you too.不管你看到没看到,我很想你,也很爱你。
While there is life there is hope.一息若存,希望不灭。
Who can tell me where my sunshine is?
Who do you think you are? 你以为你是谁?
Who gives us meet but not concurrently give us forever.是谁赐我们遇见 却不一并赠我们永远。
Who is able to be egotistical needs to be strong too. 有本事任性的人,也要有本事坚强。
Who never had a scar of youth.谁的青春不曾有过伤痕
Who shuts love out,in turn shall be shut out from love.
Who waits for time loses time【等待时机 就会失去时机】
Why do the good girls, always want the bad boys? 为何好女孩总喜欢坏男孩?
Why should I wait for you凭什么要我等你
Why take dignity to retain a changed heart. 何必拿尊严去挽留一个变了心的人。
Why would i ever think of leaving you 我怎么可能会想离开你
Wild and intractable woman to win 。(桀骜不驯的女人才能称王)
Will you still love me tomorrow? 到了明天你还爱我吗
Wipe away the tears,you are still the king.*擦掉眼泪,你依然是王!
Wise man have their mouths in their hearts, fools have their hearts in their mouths!(智者嘴在心里,愚者心在嘴里。)
Wish everyone of you Merry Christmas °
Wish my smile clear off the sky, of all days.希望我的笑可以晴朗所有的天。
Wish one day, you will suddenly told me that you still love me.多希望有一天,你会突然告诉我你还喜欢我
Wish you noticed me. 多希望你曾注意过我。
With a forced laugh,only oneself know how tired .勉强笑着,只有自己知道有多累。
With my strong I give myself to the world 待我强大我给自己天下
With the wonder of your love, the sun above always shines.
With the wonder of your love, the sun above always shines.拥有你美丽的爱情,太阳就永远明媚。
Within you I lose myself, without you I find myself wanting to be lost again. 有了你,我迷失了自我。
Without pain, without sacrifice, we would have nothing. 没有痛苦,没有牺牲,我们将一无所有。
Without you I can also live well every day. 没你我也可以过好每一天。
Without you I cried as a smile。没了你我把哭当成了笑。
Words of forgiveness heal the heart by lifting the crippling burden of guilt。宽恕的话能减轻负罪感
Would not expect anything else ... Is hope you can be happy
Wrinkles merely indicate where smiles have been.皱纹是曾经微笑的痕迹。
YOU belong with me ![你跟我在一起才合适!]
YOU must leam to look after yourselveS —————你们必须学会照顾自己。
Yes, I know we should take a break 是的,我知道,我们应该休息了
Yesterday is today is memory,tomorrow is today is dream. ---昨天只是今天的记忆,明天却是今天的梦想.
You And I Were Meant To Be.你和我早已命中注定。
You Are My Sunshine Boy 未情窦初开 却相濡以沫
You Are Not Alone 你不是孤独的
You all do not stay, I again why a self-deception again.迩终究没有一句挽留,我又何必再自欺欺人。
You are I can not get rid of the shadow你是我摆脱不了的影子
You are I can not lose the future·~ 你是我不可失去的未来~
You are a thorn in my throat out hurts to swallow will die(你是我喉咙里的刺拔出来会痛咽下去会死)
You are all that i want. 我只想要你
You are always there for me.当我需要你时你永远在那里。
You are an apple . 【 你是我的 】
You are every lovely word I could possibly think of. 我能想到的每一个可爱的词,都是在说你。
You are everything to me, and I was so blessed when god sent you here for me.你是我的一切,我是如此幸运上帝让你来到我身边.
You are in my heart.你在我心里
You are just saying that. (你只是说说而已)
You are my Achilles heel . [ 你是我无法抗拒的弱点。]
You are my favorite person in my life. 你是我这辈子最爱的人.
You are my first,you are my last.在你之前不曾有,在你之后不再有.
You are my hold on peopl 你是我抓紧不放的
You are my lover when I have love 当我有了爱时,你便是我的爱人
You are my lover. You are my dearest.
You are my most adventure youth dream .你是我年少时最冒险的梦。
You are my most dazzling lights! 你就是我最耀眼的发光体!
You are my oath not pain, I am your not essential memory.你是我不敢宣誓的疼痛,我是你可有可无的记忆。
You are my only love.你是我唯一的爱
You are my only one.——你是我今生的唯一.
You are my song sing not over of song [伱是我一首唱不完的歌]
You are my sunshine , Is my distant light.你是我的太阳,是我遥不可及的光。
You are my sunshine. 照亮了我的整个世界。
You are my whole life , you in this is all 这辈子你是我的全部
You are not along 你并不孤单
You are not me, you do not know how important you are to me.你不是我,你不知道你对我有多重要。
You are not me, you do not know my loneliness, itas after.你不是我,你不用懂得我的寂寞,就当作是经过。
You are only young once.青春只有一次。
You are the air, is my life.你是空气,是我的命。
You are the apple of my eye. 你是我眼里最珍贵的人.
You are the king in my world.在我的世界里你是王
You are the milk in my coffee你令我更美好
You are the moon, with no reality whatever你是月光虚无缥缈
You are the one I want to grow old with. 我愿与你白头到头
You are the one,in particular.I care,I treasure. 你是唯一,是特定的。我在乎,我珍惜。
You are the only exception. 你是唯一的例外。
You are the only one in this word.每个人都是这个世界上唯一的花
You are the sun will shine, but too hot I was afraid of hurting 【你是太阳会发光,但是太烫我怕伤】
You are the warm light, you will shine. 你是暧光,你会发光。
You are unique and one of a kind. 你是唯一的,无可取代。
You are very important to me. 你对我来说,很重要。
You are very important 你是非常重要的
You are warm and backlighting你是温暖逆光而来
You belong to me. 你只属于我°
You belong with me。你应该和我在一起。
You break my heart in the blink of an eye. 为何伤透我的心,只在一瞬间
You bring color into my life! 是你让我的生活五彩斑斓起来!
You came into my mind that a maze with no exit.你走进了我心里那个没有出口的迷宫。
You can You up, No can No BB! 你行你上, 不行别逼逼!
You can create your own happiness. 你可以创造属于自己的幸福。
You can cry, [你可以哭,] But you can not lose. [但不能输.]
You can cry,But you can not lose 你可以哭但是不能输
You can fake a smile, but you can not fake your feelings. 你可以强颜欢笑,但你无法欺骗自己
You can have it all. You just can not have it all at once.你可以拥有一切,只是不能一次就全到手。
You can only live brilliantly if you know how to love yourself.懂得自爱,才能活得精彩。
You can smile, but not empathy 可以微笑,却无法感同身受
You can`t stop the waves, but you can learn how to surf. 人无法阻止潮起潮落,却可以学会乘风破浪。
You cannot appreciate happiness unless you have known sadness too.不知道什么是忧伤,就不会真正感激幸福。
You do not belong to me(你已不属于我.)
You do not have much good, I like it [ 你不用多好,我喜欢就好]
You do not have to understand muic, to enjoy music.「你不必理解音乐,只需享受音乐。」
You do not know I am missing you. 我在想你,你却不知道 。
You don’t love a girl because she is beautiful, but she is beautiful because you love her。——你不是因为她的美丽而爱她,而她却是因为你的爱而美丽。
You don’t need to look up to others, for you yourself are a spectacle. 不必仰望别人,自己也是风景。
You find your sunshine, I was left alone sad. 你找到了你的阳光,我却仍在独自忧伤。
You gave me nothing at all, but still you are in my way 即使你什么也给不了我,但我仍愿意和你在一起
You give me Stop 你给我站住
You have put my heart on a lock but forgot to give me the key 你把我的心上了锁却忘了把钥匙给我
You have to believe in yourself. That is the secret of success————人必须相信自己,这就是成功的秘诀。
You have to learn how to accept rejection and reject acceptance. 你必须学会接受拒绝和拒绝接受。
You hold hands is agreed. Said 你说过牵了手就是约定
You jump,I jump. 生死相随
You just bruised your very cute butt.你只是擦伤了可爱的小屁屁
You know I need you. 你知道吗我需要你
You know — one loves the sunset, when one is so sad… 你知道的 — 当一个人情绪低落的时候,他会格外喜欢看日落…
You love me you will die. 你喜欢我你会死啊?
You love or not love me, know the time你爱不爱我,时光它知道
You love so deep so serio 你爱的那么深、那么认真
You made my life ,Holly,but i‘m just one chapter in yours 你完整了我的人生,但我却只是你人生中的过客。
You make me a wedding.- 你许我一场婚礼.
You make my haert smile 我的心情因你而美好
You make my heart smile.我的心因你而笑
You may miss everything if you dare not make mistakes.不敢犯错,可能把一切都错过。
You needed a light so I set myself on fire. 你需要光,所以我点燃了自己。
You never abandon a useful, is it right?你说的不离不弃、是不是一辈子有用。
You never appear in my life.
You never into play but I forfeits himself【你从未入戏 我却赔上了自己】
You never know what you can do till you try. 除非你亲自尝试一下,否则你永远不知道你能够做什么。
You never leave my heart. 你从不曾离开我的心.
You really great can easily make me sad. 你真的很伟大,能轻而易举让我难过。
You said I believed you.你说过,我信过.
You said a lifetime, but stay for a while.你说的一辈子、却呆了一阵子。
You said it makes me happy. 你说过会让我幸福的
You said you love me, will not stop 你说的爱我,会不会就此停止
You said you loved me, but with her(你说你爱我,却和她在一起了)
You said, I do not want you, you must not marry, let my life-long guilt.你说,哪天我不要你了,你一定终身不嫁,让我内疚。
You sais forever are where. 你说的永远在哪里
You see what you believe. 一个人相信什么,就会看见什么。
You sigh life empty, but never thought someone wanted to close to your heart
You use your gentle eyes, killed who want to forget you.你用你那温柔的眼神,杀死了我要遗忘你的我。
You want change Then learn how to compromise. 你想改变,就得学会妥协。
You were a dream,then a reality, now a memory. 你曾是我的梦,后来成了现实,到如今却只是回忆。
You were never mine to lose. 你从来就不属于我,谈不上什么失去 。
You when I was a cash dispenser, I when you are sisters(我当你是姐妹,你当我是提款机)
You will always be my only ,这句话我永远都不可能对你说了。
You will always have a special place in my heart.在我心里你永远有个特别的位置。
You will never understand love if you are always sane. ~~~永远那么理智,就永远不会懂得爱情了。
You will never understand my pretended saying ,It does not matter. 你永远不会明白我那些假装的无所谓
You will never understand why I have that mighty proud (你们永远不懂,我为何拥有不可一世的骄傲 )
You will not be the same as I think you want me.你会不会像我想你一样的想我。
You will only break my heart. 你只会伤我的心
You will shine but hurt my heart.你会发光却刺痛了我的心。
You would not want for a friend as long as I draw breath. 只要我活着,就永远是你的朋友.
Your cold like an introvert .[你冷淡得像一个内向者]
Your dream is not dream 你还梦不梦
Your duplicity. 你口是心非。
Your energy is beyond your imagination (你的能量超乎你想象)
Your every act and every move let me heartache 你的一举一动都让我心疼
Your eyes are any hint of warm not for me.你眼里的任何一丝温暖都不是为我而来的。
Your future will be I?你的未来会是我吗
Your heart I will never touch the city.你的心是我永远触摸不到的城。
Your heart is too crowded but is no more room for me 你的心太拥挤只怕是不能再多容下我这个人
Your love is a dream, but a real pain. 你的爱是个梦,却有真实的痛。
Your mother call you go home to drink soup
Your name is such ordinary but it affects my mood all round. 你那么平凡的名字却影响我那么多的情绪。
Your name, my mind 你的名字,我的心事
Your name,Engraved in my mind。你名字,刻在我心里。
Your not forget for a moment, not me.
Your smile is so brilliant你的笑是那么灿烂
Your smile is the cutest thing I have ever seen in my life. 你的微笑是我这辈子见过最可爱的东西
Your smile like sunshine, you smell like wind, your warmth like hot Latte.你的微笑像阳光,你闻起来就像风,你的温暖像热拿铁。
Your smiling at me is my daily dose of magic.你嫣然的微笑是我每日享受到的魅力。
Youre not here with me 你不在我的身边
Youth is not a time of life, it is a state of mind.青春不是一段年华,而是一种心境。
Youth is wasted, while we are still young, go crazy .青春就是用来浪费的,趁我们还年轻, 疯狂吧。
ZQ、 I care about you more than care about myself .
Zeal for you.对你狂热
[ - You are my lifelong lover.] 你是我终身爱人。
[ If one day I leave you will not want me ]如果有一天我走了你会不会想我
[ Lass den Quatsch!He is mine.](别闹了!他是我的。)
[ You say as a thousand meters below the sea as cold你说的话如深海一千米以下的海水一样冰冷]
[Can I say no one is really] 我可不可以说百无一用是真心
[L Girl to live frank 姑娘活的坦荡荡 ]
[The Fightting Boys]我可以为你平凡或完美!
[The invented hugs to let pople know you love them without say anthing]人类发明了拥抱,让人们知道你爱他们什么都不用说。
__________Fate/stay night Unlimited
all or nothing, now or never 。要么没有,要么全部。要么现在,要么永不。
am in the grip of madness。 我如痴如狂。
am strong,therefore I am.我坚强,故我在。
as long as I love you.This is my want love丶只要我喜欢你,这样就是我想要的爱
as long as you need me,I will still stay.只要你需要我,我会一直在。
baby now I need you by my side
because of you, 硪 还 是 愛 勒
bigbang exo 2pm fx 有人喜欢他们么
bitch is born a poser. 贱人就是矫情。
can you feel my world , 真实的我没办法伪装、
constant dropping wears the stone. 滴水穿石。
daring,I want you。你竟不知.
empty hearts everywhere 百无聊赖 无处不在
even now there is still hope left.甚至到现在我还仍存希望
everybody wants to rule the world 每个人都想统治世界
get out my oheart 你這個不甘寂寞的男人
get out my oheart 你這個不甘寂寞的男人。
girl i want to put you all up in my room.
give me XOXO L.O.V.E.
give me five~给你一点正能量!
give you what you need. 给你一切你需要的。
gone not around any longer 因为从有到无
happy birthday to me .happy ever day .
how are you ? how old are you? 怎么是你,怎么老是你?
i WANT TO SEE U.我想要两颗西柚.
i can not keep up with your pace in running time.(我乘着时光奔跑也跟不上你的步调)
i love you just the way you are. 我会按照你的方式爱你。
i miss u but i miss u 我想你但是我错过了你
i need you i love you i can say goodbey
i well be loving you 未能形容爱你的限度
i will be waitting for you 这句话我还可以说给谁听。
i will never leave you, i need you 我不会离开你,我需要你
if I could make days last forever 如果我能把时间化作永恒
if this was a movie 如果这是一场电影
if you are missing someone 如果你在想念某一个人
imagine me without you 如果没有你
is to save every day until eternity passes away把每一天都存下来直到永恒
just like the Christmas Day - EXO
just one last dance , before we say goodbey最后一曲,再说再见
just want to say - no one knows what i am thinking
justin bieber的霸气无人能及
l had a dream that you love me.我做了个梦是你爱上我
l have you. That is all I need.我有你,就够了。
l love you to the moon and back . 我对你的爱穿越亿万光年
l love you, but i will never tell you.[我爱你,但我永远不会告诉你]
l may not be perfect,but l`m always me.我可能不是完美,但我却是独一无二的
l want someone whoes afrid of losing me..
let it be.随它去。
let`s face it. (面对现实)
listen To my Heart 听我的心跳
love at the first sight 一见钟情
love me love my dog 爱屋及乌
love you but you love her 我爱着你你却爱着她
love you more today than yesterday, but not as much as tomorrow今天我爱你,比昨天多,但不如明天。
love you。。。Can you believe it??
my heart is broken you fucking a bitch
my love to you makes me heart broken 你让我爱你爱的好痛苦
never frown,even when you are sad.纵然伤心,也不要愁眉苦展
no one can stop her(没人能阻止她)
no one can take your place in my heart 没有人能代替你在我心中的位置
nothing is impossible for a willing heart.心之所愿,无所不成。
not know what to do ?
one day i will shine elegant 总有一天我会绽放优雅
ou can only be young once, but you can always be immature. 年轻只有一次,幼稚却可能总伴随着你。
out of sight, out of mind. 眼不见,心不烦。
over-thinking leads to negative thoughts.想得太多,过度思考,会变得很消极
poor but honest 虽贫穷,要诚实
religiouisflawedbutonlybecausemanisflawed! 信仰是有瑕疵的,因为人是不完美的.
sea is the upside donw Sky. 海是倒过来的天。
see you my love 再见,我的爱人
smile is the shortest distance between two people.微笑是两个人之间最短的距离。
super junior、从利特开始,到E.I.F结束。
syousya niwa syourei,haisya niwa tyoukai.给胜者以奖励,给败者以惩戒。
tears are cruel.眼泪是残忍的.
tears are naivete.眼泪是天真
the Empire State Building 帝国大厦
the fire crackers 。永恒的这一瞬间``````
things never change , we change(世界并没有变,改变的是我们)
think you know everything so do not say the pain.以为你都懂,所以不说痛。
those you love most hurt you most 你越爱的东西伤你越深
time 模糊了记忆 你 还 会 清 晰 的 刻 在 我 心 里 吗 ?
to be or not to be ,that is a question.生存还是毁灭,这是个值得考虑的问题。
to the world you may be one person, but to one person you may be the world.对于世界而言,你是一个人;但是对于某个人,你是他的整个世界。
tomorrow is another day 太阳依然升起,明天依旧灿烂。
waking up I see that everything is ok 睁开双眼 我发现 一切如期上演
want to rely on and you are not.(我想依赖而你却都不在 )
we accept the love we think we deserve 认为值得 所以接受 这就是爱情
we all know how to get it all want.我们都知道如何得到它想要的.
we are at the very first.——我们曾经风华正茂
we are never ever getting back together.我们在也无法回到曾经。
we put in the darkness of the heart is called the moon dancing 我们把在黑暗中跳舞的心脏叫做月亮.
wen you live for love.当你为爱而活。
wether,how are you?天气,你好吗?
what do yu think you are° 我已经不想再在意你了。
when i found you i was blessed 遇到你,我是那么地幸运
who love you more than me 谁能比我更爱你
without you I can be happy as usual 没有你我一样会很快乐
you are always my baby 听到海的声音。
you are going to love and be loved but that is in time . (你会爱也会被爱只是时候未到)
you are here there is nothing i fear.你就在我身旁,以至我全无畏惧
you are my best love. 你是我的挚爱。
you are my everyday 我想你最初的容貌。
you are my favorite boy in my heat 【你是我最爱的男孩 在我心中】
you are my life to me —— 对于我来说你就是我的全部。
you are my life:你是我的命
you are my single baby. 你是我的专属宝贝。
you are my sun , but you are far . 你是我的太阳,但离我太远
you are nothing to me 你对我什么都不是
you can you up,no can no bb 你行你上啊,不行别嚷嚷
you do not bird me,I do not bird you , too.你不鸟我,我也不鸟你。
you give me a cave, surrounded by the rain.真正的自由,是由自己給的!
you know that I will love you till I die。你知道我将爱你直到我死。
you me you me 彼此彼此
you not feel consumes me how many tears. 你一句没感觉 消耗了我多少眼泪。
you not feel consumes me how many tears. 迩一句没感觉 , 消耗了莪多少眼泪
you row in parentheses.爱你划在括号里
you were my dream. 曾经你是我的梦
you will be ok。太多的情绪,没适当的表情。
you will never be able to see me.(你永远也看不懂我)
your name with my life.(你的名字伴我生老病死.)
you’re the spark in my life. 你就是我生命里的烟火。
|★&-SG Wanna Be 。
~ A boy can do everything for girl
ˋ★☆、World Cup Argentina - - 。 ╮
——Do you know when you need I will break my neck to summer。 [你知道当你需要的夏天我会拼了命努力]
——Smile can be used to hide cry笑可以用来掩饰哭。
“I think I fall in love with you(我好像喜欢上你了) ” “学霸同桌你稀里哗啦的说什么呢“
“no zuo no die”不作死就不会死
※ Love is a joke smile dead somenoe huyts himself/爱是一个笑话 笑死了别人 笑疼了自己。
℡ 、I am a schoolgirl cute girl ╰﹀(我是女生可爱的女生∞)
℡ 、Naturally just leave the excuses(顺其自然只是离开的借口)
℡ 、Promises much is just a lie(承诺太多也只是骗人的)
℡ 、The chains of young girl dreams in 心中的枷锁少女夢
Ⅱ╮Retain green last a attentive. 保留迩最后的一丝温存。
∝ One life one love 一生一爱
┈┾“。Maybeyoudontlovemeanymore 或许你不爱我了
╭ Dar1ing 讓我用壹生的時間 對迩說 I 1ov3 you .
╮ 峩扪 旳爱 ctrl+c 也模仿ド起 。
╰You are in my life the most warm moved.╰你是我生命中最温暖的感动。
╰╮ No one can replace you 没有人能取代你
╰' 涐 恨 涐 自 己 爱 上 沵。(I Hate Myself For Loveing You。)
╰'LOVE is a vine that grows into our hearts
◆◇ ′︶ ̄Aer You ok , person that I love 。/
◆◇The sandglass remembers the time we lost。︶ ̄
◇◆丶 All things there are some rules.
◣\如此简单 make love 后 say good bye/~↘
★→The→ teacher I →grass→ you →mother→★
☆★Wu Shixun, you are the only 吴世勋,你是唯一
〆丶 Does not belong to me, I will let go 。 <不属于我的,我离开 。>
【 You name is Wang you are Emperor 】 你姓王 你是皇
【Love is to rely on each other to maintain.】
【The world is big, but my shadow single】 天下之大,唯独我影单
り My stroy,your song.
ㄣ_My love 不要做你的彩虹 昙花一现 要做你的永恒 唯一不变
下辈子,你们还是super junior,我们还是E.I.F。
不会低头不懂挽留不善言辞这可能就是我 Do not lie down and do not understand the words that I may be.
不是所有的童话都能从long long ago 到 forever love
不要因为没有掌声而丢掉自己的梦想 Not because there is no applause and lost their own dreams
不論何時,你都是我的。(Wherenver,you are mine.)
世界上最动人的话不是IoveYou,而是I have always been with You
两个人 平平淡淡才是真 Two people, ordinary light is true
为何执着的不放掉 why not go of attachment
习惯像永不愈合的固执伤疤 Habit is like a never healing stubborn scars
从少不更事到心思缜密是一个薄凉的过程 From youth to careful is a thin cool process
他说爱你,又不是只爱你。He said I love you, not only love you.
任何事都会Three two one 结束 它不会永恒的定义
伤口上撒盐是为了消毒还是痛得更彻底 Add salt to the wound to disinfection or pain more thoroughly
你们比钻石更耀眼i you are worth more than
你和我的回忆丢了不敢捡。Dare pick up your memories and I lost.
你是一场盛大的梦 梦醒了我能怪谁 You are a grand dream wake up I can blame
你是我已死去的梦 。[you are my dream of dead]
你是我的整个世界 You are my whole world
你是我眼中的苹果 -You are the apple of my eyes
你曾给我的温暖,任何一个人都将无法代替。 You gave me the warm, anyone will not be replaced
你猜我最想做哪一个超级英雄。”“Spiderman?Superman?Batman?”“都不对,your man。”
你用温柔将我所有的菱角磨平 然后用尽全力伤我到死。You use the gentle will all my Ling Mo Ping then tried to hurt me to death
你的名字是我久治不愈的病Votre nom est ma maladie en permanence.
你的自尊能和我的倔强和好如初吗。Can your self-esteem and my stubborn reconciliation?
你走后,我仅有的记忆就是那首Every moment of my life。
你那么好 「When you smile Sun shine 太灿烂得让我都说不出话」
借鉴昨天,活在今天,憧憬明天。 Learn from yesterday, live for today, hope for tomorrow
停止呼吸-变冷-死亡stop breathing, turn cold, and die.
关关雉鸠,在河之洲。窈窕淑女,What is your QQ.
再无卷土重来爱你的勇气 At no stage a comeback love your courage
冷漠都市Cowboy Style※在这个冷漠的都市,盲目地过着生活。
初见走到了再见 First go to see
别问我过得好不好,我连自己都不知道! Do not ask me well, I do not even know yourself!
勿以怨恨对待任何人,应以慈爱加给所有的人!With malice towards none,with charity for all!
十二月的奇迹,Miracles of December ——EXO
单曲重复:Just One Last Dance
原来你也会吃醋You will be jealous.
原来我们国家名字很浪漫,c.h.i.n.a.中国 come here. i need affection.来这,我需要爱。
只做第一个我ぁ不做第二个谁 lf you can lm willing for you own prisonお
回忆,还是那么那么的清晰,I want you,I need you
在你身边 be whit you
她在你面前完美无瑕,我在你面前丑态毕露 Her flawless in front of you, I am utterly shameless in fron
好多不经意的时刻都会觉得, You are my sun shine,你是我的阳光
如果1+2 = 2+1  那么是否 I love you = You love me〃
如果没有相等的爱,那就让涐爱多一些吧。 Love is a vine that grows into our hearts.
安慰别人的话,终究安慰不了自己。-------Comforting others, can comfort yourself.
就算你在“远边“,I also believe i love you ~~`
就算我卑微,也有资格沉醉。Even if I am humble, also drunk
就算是 Lover 最后还是会 oveR,ヽ。
岁月漫长 愿你始终不移真心 Long may you still do not move really
幸福的世界里……jest want to tell you……只想让你听到我的声音
当香烟爱上火柴时,就注定受到伤害。When a cigarette falls in love with a match,it is destined to be hurt。
形同陌路变成自找。 Strangers into a self-inflicted.
情话 只是偶然兑现的 falsehood -
愿你永不举 Pour que ce ne
懂得释怀才好迎接未来。To know is good for you to get to meet in the future.
我不会原谅任何形式的背叛 I would not forgive any form of betrayal
我也曾以为世界美到不像话 I had thought that the world of beauty to not words
我什么都没有,只有一颗Xin .
我以为开了灯的房间就不会黑 I think that turned on the light in the room would not be black
我哭我笑 只是因为我知道有你的存在 。My baby sister
我喜欢你、我想做你朋友” 朋友、Boy friend OR Boy’s friend。
我就想停下来 看看这个世界 I want to stop to have a look the world
我开始相信开始害怕开始敏感开始忘记 I began to believe that began to be afraid to sensitive began to
我想依赖而你却都不在 I want to rely on and you are not
我想对你说:You are mine。
我想对我说:“I hate good, he is very good also”
我愿在你怀里成猫娇而不傲 I wish in your arms into the cat Jiao not proud
我生来就是为了告诉你,我爱你。 I was born to tell you, I love you
我的愿望不多只需要一句: i will with you all time @
我的爱与你同在。 My heart is with you.
我的爱,与你同在。My love, will always be with you.
我的脾气赶走了很多人 但留下了最真的人 My temper off a lot of people but the most people really
我真的 - 十分 . 想送你去太平洋swimming .
我要怎样才能躲掉,命运的心血来潮。How can I hide away, the whim of fate.
我记得曾经的你是爱我的.——I remember you used to love me
所有的一切从 I do not believe you 的那一秒开始就全部瓦解
所有的一切从 I do not believe you的那一秒开始就全部瓦解
放弃便是得到,forget it = for get it !
数学含义 Math mental abuse to humans 数学人脑精神虐待
时光不染,回忆不淡。Time does not dye,Memories do not light.
时光与爱永不老去.Time and love never grows old
暗恋Secret love
曾经那么疯狂如今这么迷惘 Once so crazy now so confused
最后说我爱你 是我所能做的唯一 Finally say I love you, yes I can do only
有些爱不用说比情人付出得更无所求 Some love less than lover pay more for nothing
有人感激过你的善良么她们只会得寸进尺 Some people appreciate your kindness. They will only be insatia
有梦想,就会有奇迹 Nothing is impossible!!! 鼓励正在路上的我们
有生之年, 峩都會叫沵親愛的。my love
有种痛,叫做懂。There is a pain, called the understand.
来我城堡,当我的王 Come to my castle, when my king
梦想面前没有谁是winner 谁是 loser
梦里的我们还是旧时的模样有着最美好的时光 Old dream we had the best time of appearance
每当困难的时候我就念藏经:“噢嘛呢哞嘛哄", 翻译成英文就是:All money go my home!
没有做不成的梦 只有不早醒的人 Nothing is impossible dreams only people who do not wake up early
没经历过才笑别人的疤 Never had to laugh at other people.
深爱也已是今非昔比 ≈Say goodbye
渐渐让迩淡出涐的生活,一个人过Gradually fade out the E life let you, a person lead.
爱与被爱,都是种享受,To love and to be loved, it is a kind of enjoyment ~
爱情是盲目的。Love is blind
爱情的炽热胜过千万团的火 Love warms more than a thousand fires.
爱情这种东西,生不带来,死不带去的。Love this stuff, living not bring, bring death.
爱是一盏永不昏暗的明灯(Love is a light that never dims)
现在开始,我相信我一个人可以很好! Now, I believe that I am a person can be very good!
生命如花,爱情是蜜(Life is the flower for which love is the honey)
生日快乐 ,我对自己说 。Happy birthday to me /
生活就像一盒巧克力,你永远不知道你会得到什么。 life is like a box of chocolate,you never know what
用一杯水的单纯 面对一辈子的复杂 With a cup of pure water, face a lifetime of complex
直到现在才知道,他不爱我 Until now, he do not love me
真挚恋爱过的心永不忘却 The heart that once truly loves never forgets.
真的真的好想回到从前,再对你说:Do you love me?
知道ABCDEFG是什么意思吗 A boy can do everythings for girl(一个男孩可以为一个女孩做任何事情)
老虎不发威,你当我是 Hello Kitty 啊!
色色,你就是我心中的那个Mr.right 。我的?只属于Mr.right一个人 ! .*★*. .*★ *.*   ★ ★,LOVEXO!
英文不太好,只会l love you。
英雄联盟的解释:LOL=Lure Over Love.诱惑人的东西毁掉了感情.
蓝天都开始变得浑浊,眼泪怎么会清澈。 Are beginning to become cloudy sky, how the tears will clear.
让我来当你的谁 let me am your whoever
记忆停留,需要停多久。I DON’T KNOW
请把我留在最好的时光里 Please send me to stay in the best time
谁寄言 :Angel lips,I got my Iost in youth in the hickey
谢谢你告诉我,你有她.Thanks for you tell me , you have she
跟女朋友吵架赢的,最后都单身了 跟男朋友吵架赢的,最后都幸福了
那句 I miss you ,最终我也没有说出口
闺密是一辈子的情人 Sister is a lifetime lover
闺蜜其实就是另一个自己 Best friend is another himself
闺蜜是我的一切 sister are my all will .
陪着我好吗不管生老病死 Accompany me regardless of sickness and death
难过的原因往往是因为自己说服不了自己 Sad reason often is because of their own to convince yourself.
青春就是疯狂地奔跑,然后华丽地跌倒。Youth is crazy to run, and then gorgeous to fall
香蕉banana叫笨奶奶 苹果apple叫阿婆 tomato番茄这个厉害叫偷马桶
 I will always love you, 我一直爱着你
﹏媽咪说﹎MakeLove ①定偠帶套套.否則會哊Baby zzОo
(★)flower fecundity, start a poem!
(时光孤岛我一人厮守到老) Time island I a person grow old
>﹥哦 嘛 呢 嘛 呢 哄 All money go my home
Love the way you lie ╰╮ (连你的谎言都爱)
Loveyourowinparentheses.(爱你划在括号里) Thinkyouholdinthecircle.(想你牵在圆圈里)
Memory abstruse eyes.(记忆中深邃的眼眸)
That kind of love is only one (那种爱情叫唯一)
The future does not call.(那不叫未来)
# The most distent way in the world .世界上最遥远的距离
#你是我的阳光。# You are my sunshine。
And to the whole day through. -每一分每一秒直到一天结束.
Caught up in your smile. (沉迷在你的微笑里 )
I am glad I have you。我很欣慰我身边还有你们
I just need someone who never lets me down -
I love money so so much,
I want to forget everything 。
My prayer is to linger with you .
One who betrays me. I will let you die .[背叛我的人我会让你生不如死]
Please do not take my sunshine away。
To you unexpected persistence.对你出乎意料的执着
Your world did not if I was clean {你的世界没了我是不是清净了许多}
Can you feel my world 不可控制的小情绪、也许只是种习惯。
I miss you but I miss you. [我想你但我却错过了你】
My heart will always follow you。ζ
You must know, in my world, you are the king. - 你必须知道,在我的世界,你是我的王。
Since I was young, time inclined negative. 我自是年少,韶华倾负
1 could be everything you need。 我可以变成你需要的任何东西。
1 need you我无法确定你们还要在我的心里寄居多久
1471天 我们在一起四年了 Nobody could ever replace you.
2014,每个人都是super man!
2020.5.20 we go to the marriage hall.【2020.5.20我们去婚姻的殿堂吧.】
2104, love you forever!!! -- 2104,爱你一世!!!